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  • It takes time for trees to grow and even the most unwanted trees can have historical, sentimental, and even practical value.
  • We will give you an instant appraisal on site of a trees value to the property or it's potential risk of coming crashing down when you least expect it.
  • Many times trees just could use a trim and perhaps a cable to keep them preserved and healthy.
  • When we have discovered it has come time for our old friends to go you can trust the expertise of Cassidy's Tree Service to ensure the job goes smoothly.

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Some Defects in trees are obvious.....Others are not!

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Cassidy Lancelin


Tree Service Expert

Cassidy's Tree Service LLC is located in New Lebanon, New York. We Serve Columbia County, Rensselaer County, and The Berkshires .

Cassidy’s Tree Service is equipped with a fleet of tree equipment , bucket truck ,skidsteer , log truck , wood chippers, dump trucks to handle the job and experience you can count on!

We are covered by Workers Comp Insurance and , also for liability to handle all tree related issues.

Owner Tree climber Cassidy Lancelin has climbed from west to east coast and brings 11 year Exp. in the industry to every job. My crew is documented safety trained for tree cutting operations and always required wear all (PPE) personal protective equipment on the job.

When it comes to overseeing the job you can rest assured that all details will be taken care of as agreed upon .

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